Free Sunday Parking Could be Eliminated

by - July 14, 2010 at 10:50 pm -

meterThere are few political third rails quite as electrifying as free parking on Sundays. When the mayor tried to eliminate it in 2003, the City Council passed a bill overturning him. But now the Upper West Side’s Community Board 7 is addressing the issue again, and a committee decided by a 6-0 vote on Tuesday to recommend that metered parking be reinstated in the neighborhood on Sundays, DNAinfo reported.

Community Board member Marc Glazer said that he’s observed people parking in the same spot for an average of 6 hours on Sunday, whereas they move within 90 minutes on other days of the week. That frequent turnover of parking spots allows people to park and shop at local businesses. The full community board will get a crack at the proposal when it meets in September. (flickr photo by Lucius Kwok)

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  1. HC Taylor says...

    Good for CB 7 on this one. Meters open up parking on busy streets. Sundays are plenty busy. More metered hours, more metered spots means more parking. No free rent for cars.