Delivery Guys Use GPS to Track Customers in Central Park

by - July 13, 2010 at 8:31 am -

*Jul 10 - 00:05*A new iPhone app lets people order food while they’re sitting in Central Park, and gets their deliveries to them — even if they’re in the middle of Sheep Meadow — using GPS.

The Daily News tested out the app, CityMint, when it debuted this weekend . It will be available every weekend between now and Labor Day. Five runners dash from the participating restaurants, which include Francesco’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, Aroma Espresso Bar, China Fun and Big Nick’s Burger Joint and Pizza Joint, to customers hanging out in the park. You can even get Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Of course, if it takes the runners more than a few minutes to find you, you could be drinking Pinkberry Soup.

(thumbnail of CityMint project manager via Daily News)

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