The Fence That No One Would Fix

by - July 6, 2010 at 2:10 am -

IMG_4831The fence around the subway station on Broadway at 72nd Street was busted about a year ago when a taxi slammed through it, injuring three people. Since then, the city has used tape, wooden posts or metal grates to cover the hole, and has pledged for months to fix it permanently. But not only has the parks department, which has jurisdiction over the plaza around the station, failed to fix the fence, someone has now taken down all of the remaining barriers so that the station and people walking by it are completely exposed. People in the area have been calling 311 to no avail. The hole in the fence is right next to a notoriously dangerous intersection.

When we checked in on this issue in January, the city said it was negotiating with the owner of the cab to get him to help pay for the repair. In February, Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe told Councilwoman Gale Brewer in a letter that the department was “actively seeking” a contractor to fix the fence. If this is what “actively seeking” looks like, the parks department has some serious problems. We contacted parks last week, but haven’t heard back.


(Top photo by Avi. Taxi photo by DBOi181 via twitpic)

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  1. Howard Freeman says...

    This Baruch professor has spent decades studying the TLC. Perhaps he knows a way to cut through the red tape and get answers/action:

  2. pete says...

    Just another example of simple repairs not being made, and issues left unresolved far longer than necessary. 311 is useless. this is embarrassing for this city that they can’t seem to fix a small fence. really? is this nyc or junior high school?