Street Pianos Make UWS Come Alive With Mini-Concerts, Dancing

by - July 6, 2010 at 12:50 pm -

riverside pianoThe group Sing for Hope placed pianos at dozens of locations throughout New York over the past couple of weeks, including at six spots on the Upper West Side. And a pretty amazing thing happened.

Impromptu concerts, with dancing and group sing-alongs began to pop up all over the neighborhood.

The “Play Me I’m Yours” project was devised by British artist Luke Jerram. Sadly, it ended¬†yesterday. ¬†Tipsters sent us photos and accounts of the events, and the project’s website has dozens more, as well as some great videos.

Here’s one of the best emails we got about the project, from Harriet Flehinger, who runs Aging in Action UWS:

piano alice tully

Photo by Harriet Flehinger.

Thursday night, coming home from Avery Fisher Hall shortly after 10:00 PM, I stopped at the “Play Me, I’m Yours” pianos in front of Alice Tully Hall. One happy man played show tunes for almost an hour, everything from Porgy & Bess to Mamma Mia. Gradually a crowd gathered around him and began to sing. A few had superb voices, perhaps neighborhood Julliard students?

We couldn’t tear ourselves away from this feel-good spectable, all of us old enough to remember the bad old days, when NO ONE walked up Broadway after dark for fear of being mugged or worse. Hooray for the “new” New York.

We’ve posted a few of the best videos and photos (all uploaded to the project website) from the Upper West Side below:

piano acrobatics

Piano acrobatics in Central Park.

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