The Westside Independent is 1 Year Old! Help Us Celebrate.

by - July 5, 2010 at 11:34 pm -

one year

As my wife likes to remind me, anniversaries are important. And it’s bad to miss them. One year ago today, I posted an article about the July 4 fireworks on the Hudson River entitledWhy Not Have Fireworks Here Every Year?” (Macy’s must have heard me, given that they set the fireworks on the Hudson again this year)

Since then, we’ve written almost 800 posts. 800! We’ve covered some intense development battles, the impending arrival of Trader Joe’s, a lonely coyote in Central Park, and the openings and closings of more than 100 businesses in the neighborhood. We also had a poll about a pig on a spit that inspired some serious passion. Our columnists have vomited while trying to do yoga, followed pigeons up to a roof, and reminisced fondly about the transvestite prostitutes who used to make money here in the 1970’s.

Many of our posts came from tips and ideas sent in by you, our readers. Interacting with people on the site, and on twitter and facebook, has been one of the most rewarding parts of running the Independent. So please keep sending us tips, comments and suggestions, and we’ll come up with new ways to make the site more interactive. The more people from the Upper West Side express themselves on the Independent, the better it will be.

So…to thank our readers (and to meet you!) we’re going to open up a tab at Dive 75, the bar on 75th Street just west of Columbus, on Thursday night starting at 7 p.m.

Until our money runs out, drinks (beer, wine, soda, water) are on us. We’ll probably announce other deals throughout the week too, so stay tuned. And thanks for reading.

– Avi

(flickr photo by KrisnFred)

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  1. John says...

    I’ve really enjoyed your coverage of the neighborhood.
    Thanks for the invite, we’ll try to stop by.

    A loyal reader

  2. From Me To You says...

    Congratulations on a year of hard work for our neighborhood! It would be my pleasure to toast to West Side Indie on Thursday night!

  3. SL says...

    Congratulations. Is it only a year? How did we get along without this newspaper until now? And what a great way to acknowledge it. It’s good you listened to your wife.