Blogger Chastised for Snapping Pictures of Larry David

by - June 30, 2010 at 11:26 am -

LDOur style columnist Cheryl Wischhover was taking a walk up Columbus Avenue yesterday when she strolled by Isabella’s on 77th Street and saw film cameras and a bunch of people gawking. Lo and behold, it was the  set of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is shooting on the Upper West Side this week.

Cheryl (also oddly enough the name of Larry David’s estranged wife on Curb), snapped a picture of David sitting at an outdoor table at Isabella’s. In the picture, Larry appears to be surrounded by cups of tea, and someone out of the frame is holding a baseball out in front of him. What could the plot be? Something about Larry having a sore throat and going to a Mets game, and then offending Jose Reyes with a racist comment? We can only dream.

Anyway, a film hand turned to Cheryl and yelled: “Move along! You can watch him on the show.”

And her reaction? “Um, no. I don’t have HBO.  Jackass.”

If she was on Curb she would have actually said it out loud.

(photo by Cheryl Wischhover)

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