Maya Schaper Dropping “Cheese” From Cheese and Antiques

by - June 21, 2010 at 11:19 am -

schaper1The shop around the corner is downsizing again.¬†West Side Cheese and Antiques, Maya Schaper’s relocated store on Columbus Avenue near 71st Street, will no longer sell cheese, Schaper said in a note to customers¬†posted on the door this weekend.

Schaper’s old shop, on 69th Street near Columbus, was the setting for “The Shop Around the Corner,” Meg Ryan’s bookshop in “You’ve Got Mail.” That shop served as a symbol for all the small businesses that get eaten by chain stores run by slick, slightly pudgy dudes like Tom Hanks. But it closed in January 2009 when it couldn’t bring in enough money to keep up with the $11,000 rent. The new smaller store on Columbus opened last fall.

schaperTo prepare for the change Schaper is selling her scale.

“I will very much miss the cheese,” she wrote.

(Photo of sign by Avi. Thumbnail via New York Times.)

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