Is Trader Joe’s Behind Fairway Cafe’s Possible Demise?

by - June 15, 2010 at 12:41 pm -

fairwayFairway Cafe fans were shocked when they heard in recent days that the cafe could shut down, but it was unclear exactly why it might close. A New York Times report, however, sheds some more light on the decision — and the possible culprit.

With Trader Joe’s opening up just two blocks away at 72nd and Broadway in just a few months, Fairway is feeling increasing pressure to maximize the amount of space it devotes to groceries and packaged goods. Although Fairway Cafe has many devoted fans, it’s not bringing in the bucks. For every cafe customer, there are 100 grocery customers, and the market has to cater to them, Fairway Chief Executive Howard Glickberg told the Times.

A grassroots group, Save Fairway Cafe, has mobilized to try to keep the cafe open, and members will be getting the word out in front of the store at 74th and Broadway today at 5 p.m.

And so it begins… Fairway versus Trader Joe’s. In a year’s time, whose melons will you be squeezing? Vote in our poll!

Trader Joe's sign

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  1. Harriet says...

    I think of Trader’s Joes as mainly a place to buy junk food (peanut butter filled pretzels, almond bark, strange snack chips, etc). Although I will certainly go for a visit, I don’t think they will get much of my money. Can’t beat Fairway for produce, meat, fish, dairy, the basic staples of life.

  2. Kerry says...

    I am shocked at how expensive Fairway has gotten. Meats, veggies, fruits are all cheaper at Whole Foods!!! Which has been where I buy most of my groceries. Except for blueberries – no one does blueberries like Fairway. I will definitely be going to Trader Joe’s and I’m THRILLED to welcome them to the Upper West Side.

  3. Andre says...

    Community is speaking out and the petition to Mr. Glickberg to keep Fairway Cafe has gotten already almost 1100 signatures, however, more valuable are the comments and suggestion as to how improve our Fairway experience. We can all help out with our individual suggestions and personal stories about Mitchell and Cafe experiences.

  4. Pat says...

    I am THRILLED to have a Trader’s Joe in this neighborhood and I can’t wait for the store to open! It is affordable.. good quality, organic food and great frozen food at a fair price compared to Fairways that is getting way TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!
    I will definitely be a regular customer, much better than commuting down to 14th st every month