Upper West Side Pre-School Has 3% Acceptance Rate

by - June 14, 2010 at 11:51 pm -

163Think getting into Harvard’s tough? Try getting your 4-year-old into PS 163 on West 97th Street. The admission rate for pre-K at that school is just 3%. PS 87 on 77th Street and Columbus had an admissions rate of just 4%, The New York Times reported. They were the second and third most difficult public pre-schools to get into in the entire city, after PS 321 in Park Slope.

At least for college, a child can improve his or her chances by doing well on tests. For pre-K, admission is based largely on a lottery, and whether a child has a sibling at the school.

As with Kindergarten, where the odds of getting your child into the school of your choice are slightly better, some pre-K’s are oversubscribed while others are under-subscribed. In fact, 3,700 seats throughout the city did not get filled, according to the Times. Because the Upper West Side has some of the city’s best schools, many of the schools in the district are oversubscribed. And with more and more families sending their kids to public schools, the problem isn’t going away — particularly given that the city doesn’t appear to be increasing the number of seats available.

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