Shirley Jones is Mad About Your Dog’s Filthy Habits

by - June 14, 2010 at 12:02 am -

Please Love Our Flowers
By Shirley Jones
Do you see what I see? Dogs that relieve themselves on every pole, church and residential or commercial building.

Do you smell what I smell? Dog urine in parks, on the streets and in the air. NYC = Urine Town.

Do you hear what I hear? Dogs barking in the morning, dogs barking in the night, dogs crying, howling in apartments because the master has gone to work and the dog is “home alone”.

Dogs Rule!

Should we begin to survey how many dogs are living in apartments block by block? Should we study dog behavior and examine our own behavior before we own a dog? Are there health risks that we should consider especially since dogs walk and toilet themselves on the same unsanitary streets that we and our babies walk on? Why can’t owners train their dogs to mark their territory at the curb?

Shirley Jones

Shirley Jones

Owners mostly walk their dogs in other people’s neighborhoods, especially in the New York City Housing Authority. I’m a witness — I live in the Amsterdam Houses.

Dogs Rule!

Dogs relieve themselves among the flowers, trees, grass, fences, gates and garbage that’s left on the sidewalks. The owners are at fault. What ever happened to “Curb Your Dog”? By the way, we also have to share the elevators with dogs and certain stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, the new Walgreens and TD Bank encourage owners to bring their dogs.

I say that the master is the slave and we are the victims!

Shirley Jones is a longtime community activist on the Upper West Side. Check out all of the columns by Shirley Jones here.

(Photos by Glark and Avi)

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  1. 102415 says...


  2. Maeby says...

    As I dog, I particularly love peeing on different surfaces and textures– why not take something as mundane as passing water, and turn it into a fun game? Peeing on the bricks, the striated sections of ramped sidewalks, and best of all: Shirley Jones’ flowers!

  3. Maeby says...

    PS: Dogs Rule!

  4. Terry says...

    Shirly she’s joking.

    See what I did there?

  5. Helene says...

    The other day I saw some loser pee on the door handle of a innocently parked car. I must say I would prefer to walk on and smell dog pee than unknowingly touch that door handle covered in dried human pee. Just saying. Additionally, I prefer to listen to a dog bark to a screaming child any day, so let’s not bring them into the same conversation. I have lived in many cities across this country and I must say NYC is NOT dog-friendly (dogs DO NOT rule), but it is extremely accommodating to ill-behaved children. Which reminds me, I almost sat on a soiled diaper in the park. As for dogs in the elevators, make sure you also look out for the snot that the bratty kids smear on the walls. I love NY but it’s a gross city,dogs are no worse than anyone or anything else, so get over it or keep yourself in a bubble.