Fairway Cafe Could Close! Fans Mobilize to Save It.

by - June 9, 2010 at 12:34 pm -

fairwayThe Fairway Cafe, a small eatery on the second floor of the bustling supermarket on 74th Street and Broadway, is in danger of closing, and a community group has sprung up to try to save it, Eater reported.

(UPDATE here.)

Save Fairway Cafe is a grassroots group that is pushing back against plans to turn the cafe into a specialty coffee section or other grocery space. They will be posting a petition on the site in the next few days, as well as other ways to lobby management not to make the changes. The organization can be contacted at info@savefairwaycafe.com.

“Fairway Cafe is one of the gems of the UWS neighborhood, and we need your support in going to the owners to convince them not to close. We don’t have much time: discussions are already underway to replace the Cafe with more grocery space.”

It’s been a tough few months for some of the more iconic businesses on the Upper West Side — the taxman came for H&H Bagels, O’Neal’s at Lincoln Center announced it was closing, and now this! Check out what other businesses have been opening and closing in the neighborhood in recent weeks.

(thumbnail via Eater)

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  1. Jim says...

    This is one of the gems of the Upper West Side. I eat here twice a week and this place cannot be beat for taste and value!

  2. Steven Mornelli says...

    I will support keeping this open ONLY if they replace Mitchel with a quality manager. My friends and I no longer visit the restaurant after Mitchel’s abusive attitude towards patrons. We had to call the owners of Fairway (who subsequently chastised Mr. London) for his behavior. Totally unacceptable to keep this unprofessional man.

  3. Barbara Fisher says...

    I love the Fairway Cafe. Great food, great price, great West Side spirit.
    Mitchel London is terrific !!!!

  4. Jim says...

    Mitchel is part of the experience!!!

  5. kyle Jones says...

    couldnt agree more with you steven, my fiance and i used to be big supporters of fairway cafe, but after many bad experiences with mitchell we refuse to endorse him. it is a shame because we love the place so much but we wont go back until they change management.