Tavern on the Green to Become Snack Bar, Vistor Center

by - May 21, 2010 at 9:45 am -

tavern padlock2One of the most famous restaurants in New York City, known for its gorgeous Tiffany lamps and filet mignon, could be serving your kids corn dogs this summer.

Talks just broke down between the union that represents workers at Tavern on the Green, and Dean Poll, the restaurateur who won the license to operate it. So the mayor stepped in and declared that for the time being, the famous restaurant  just inside Central Park at 67th Street would become a snack bar, visitor center and a retail store.


Yes folks, this is real. The mayor is reopening the bidding to run Tavern on the Green, and in the meantime the restaurant will take on its humbler role.

tavern glass1Bloomberg had invited Poll and the union negotiators to Gracie Mansion on Thursday and given them a 5 p.m. deadline to hash things out, to no avail. The city awarded the license to Poll (who operates the Central Park Boathouse) last year after it was run for 33 years by Warner LeRoy and his family. Under the LeRoys, Tavern was known for its glamorous, flamboyant decorations and so-so-food and service. When they lost the license, the LeRoys could no longer pay their bills, so they filed for bankruptcy and sold everything in the restaurant at an auction and a tag sale.

So who will run Tavern on the Green, or will it forever be a snack bar/visitor center? The Times has already talked to Donald Trump and the owners of Cipriani, and both seem interested. Let the bidding war begin!

Now I’ve got to go get a corn dog from the Tavern Snack Shop.

Check out our video from the Tavern auction below:

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  1. Verdi Gris says...

    Hey, what a golden opportunity to rip up the parking lot and plant a lawn. The only parking lot in Central Park was foisted on us in Robert Moses time. Now is the time to get rid of it.