Adorable Old People Flirting at Fairway

by - May 18, 2010 at 4:32 pm -

tomatoPosted by a 62-year-old man earlier today, this is maybe the cutest craigslist missed connection ever. I am praying these people get together. Praying. Now go home and do something romantic.

“You were the beautiful 60-ish woman at Fairway who tried to wrest a ripe tomato from my hand. We struggled for around 20 minutes, at which point you burst into tears and murmured, ‘I saw it first.’ I have the left half of the tomato, which I would be willing to exchange for either drinks or a romantic meeting at Fairway’s deli counter.”

(flickr photo by prashant zi)

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  1. christine ita says...

    60 is not old these days!!!!!!