The Central Park Coyote Appears to Have Left Us

by - April 9, 2010 at 8:34 am -

coyote5The Central Park coyote was a local celebrity for more than a month, living a peaceful and seemingly happy life in the Hallet Sanctuary in the Southeast corner of Central Park. But the coyote appears to be gone now.

The Central Park coyote may have been the same coyote that wandered into TriBeCa in late March and was eventually captured by the city on March 25 and apparently dropped off in the Bronx. The captured coyote was a one-year-old female who weighed about 30 pounds.

Bruce Yolton, a naturalist photographer who tracked the Central Park coyote for weeks, going out almost every night to watch its movements, said last week on his blog Urban Hawks that he hadn’t seen the coyote since the capture. But he thought the markings on the Central Park coyote were different from the one that was captured.

Another coyote-tracker, Veryl Witmer, reported that he didn’t see the Central Park coyote the day after the capture either.

coyote leavingSo, the winter of coyotes, when as many as four may have been wandering through Manhattan, appears to be over. West Siders seemed to welcome the animals, and 62% of you said in our poll that the city should leave them alone, as opposed to moving (31%) or shooting them (7%). Melissa, our outdoors columnist from the blog Out Walking the Dog, says New York City residents ought to get used to seeing coyotes, because they are an “extraordinarily adaptable species,” which allows them to live near humans. Melissa’s fascinating post tracks the history of coyotes in the city, and how they got here.

Check out all of our coyote coverage here, and our animal coverage (including the adorable baby seal who decided to hang out on a pier) here. And check out Bruce Yolton’s last coyote video below:

(photos courtesy of D. Bruce Yolton)

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