Adios Señor Swanky; Frozen Margaritas Are No Mas!

by - April 8, 2010 at 10:42 am -

Señor Swanky’s, the Mexican joint at 531 Columbus Avenue, between 84th and 85th Streets, has closed its doors, and has been auctioning off just about the entire restaurant, GrubStreet reports. Known for its frozen margaritas and okay food, Swankys also closed its restaurant in the Village two years ago.

It’s just the latest in the most recent Upper West Side restaurant die-off. Who’s next? Let us know.

(special thanks to tipsters Ellie and Daren)

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  1. Brett says...

    Senor Swanky’s was NOT a good place to eat. The service was always questionable, the food SUCKED and the Margarita’s were over-priced sour mix drinks. Good riddance, I say!!!