Another Chance to Meet a Cute Nerd on the UWS Wednesday

by - April 7, 2010 at 12:49 pm -

The American Museum of Natural History is hosting a SciCafe again tonight, and you know what that means: young, attractive, smart people congregating, drinking and talking about stem cells. Hot!

Yes, folks, it’s another night to drink and learn. My rule of thumb goes like this: two beers, you feel loose and happy, but maybe not so interested in DNA and other big words. Five beers and you are utterly convinced that you are the smartest guy in the room, whether or not there’s a Nobel Prize-winning scientist speaking or not. In fact, you might even raise your hand and ask a brilliant question. So go have fun. (all images via Natural History Museum’s flickr page)

What: “What if your cells could be engineered to grow your own replacement organs? Glimpse the future of medicine with Dr. Kristin Baldwin from the Scripps Research Department of Cell Biology as she discusses cutting-edge stem cell technologies and how they were made possible by the often-misunderstood science of cloning. Learn about Fibonacci, the first mouse to be grown from a single skin cell, and how “cloned” mice can help us learn how to safely harness stem cell technology to find new cures for disease and rejuvenate aged cells and tissues.”

When: Wednesday, April 7,  7 p.m.

Where: At the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth, in the museum’s Rose Center, on 81st Street just off of Central Park West.

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