Upper East Siders Take Way More Cabs Than Us

by - April 4, 2010 at 8:53 pm -

hail cabNew data proves what many Upper West Siders may have already suspected: Upper East Siders are much more dependent on taxicabs than Upper West Siders. I know what you’re thinking: well yeah, they’re all total snobs!

But that’s mean, and it might only be partially true. I mean, the Upper West Side has arguably much better train service than the Upper East Side, what with the East Side’s nonexistent Second Avenue subway line.

The New York Times published an article this weekend using data compiled by the Taxi & Limousine Commission that showed pickup points for every taxi ride in the city for a six-month period. The data is frankly fascinating, and the Times put together a great interactive graphic that shows where cabs pick people up at every hour of the day each day of the week.

Like most social science research, it tends to confirm what you already know to be true. News flash: it’s really hard to get a cab above 96th Street. But it’s always nice to see your hunches backed up by numbers.

cabsAll in all, according to the Times article, about 1 million cabs picked people up on the Upper West SideĀ  last May, about half as many as on the Upper East Side. On the Upper East, people who live on York Avenue apparently use lots of cabs instead of schlepping to the 6 line.

On the Upper West, by the way, tons of cabs pick people up at Columbus Circle. It actually got the second-most cab traffic in the entire city, after Penn Station.

This week, a company called Sense Networks released an application for iPhones that tells you the best nearby spot to hail a cab.

And even though Upper West Siders took much fewer cabs than Upper East Siders, we still took many more than people in Washington Heights. Folks who live up there, in fact, almost never see a yellow cab. Last May, in fact, only 14,000 cabs picked people up in Washington Heights — 1/90th as many as on the Upper West Side. So I guess we should watch who we call snobs. (flickr photos by Pensiero and Marionzetta)

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  1. Gene SOuth says...

    On the UWS we have 2 subway lines and there is only one on the UES.