Local Kindergartners Put on Long Waiting Lists

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class sizeUpper West Side parents have been warning the city for years now about the need for more seats in local kindergartens and now we can see why: getting into your local Upper West Side kindergarten is starting to resemble getting into a top-ranked college.

There are 125 kids on the kindergarten waiting list at PS 87 on West 78th Street, including 111 within the school’s zone. That’s the longest waiting list in the city, according to recently released Department of Education statistics (via InsideSchools.org). PS 87 only has room for 130 kindergartners, so it’s basically a coin flip for local families as to whether their kids get in.

The Upper West Side is well represented within the top 25 school waiting lists in the city. At PS 199, the waiting list is 47, and at PS 165 it’s 31. And neighborhood schools have increasingly crowded classrooms.

The city has agreed to open new kindergarten classes within MS 44 on 77th Street in September, but that new school will only add 75 seats, which is obviously too few. The education department wants school districts to shift zoning so that more students are placed in zones for schools without waiting lists, according to the New York Times. Many parents dislike this option because students at the schools without waiting lists often score below their peers at the sought-after schools on tests. Upper West Side parents argue that the education department should focus on opening new schools to handle the increase in students in the district. (image via Class Size Matters)

Check out the kindergarten waiting lists below:

K Applicant Data 03-23-10

Correction: PS 87 was originally listed at 87th Street. It’s actually at 78th. Thanks @Kale1919)

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