Students Propose Redesigned MLK High School

by - March 11, 2010 at 12:47 am -

The plaza in front of Martin Luther King, Jr. High School on Amsterdam Avenue and 66th Street is a pretty depressing and underutilized space right now, but students at the school have some ideas to make it better. A few students, in fact, had such good ideas that they’re now being shared with the city’s School Construction Authority.

mlk2The old Martin Luther King, Jr. school was closed in 2005, but six new schools now occupy the space. Right now, the plaza (left) is filled with a forlorn collection of benches and seats. Staff and students at the high school want to make it more inviting, adding a green hydroponic wall similar to the one at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center and new benches. Other ideas include retractable bleachers, glass bricks symbolizing each school in the complex, a message board, and lockers near the door for cell phones.

No changes are planned for the iconic metal cube honoring Dr. King at the corner of the plaza, other than possibly adding more lighting to it. Councilwoman Gale Brewer has been spearheading the effort to upgrade the plaza.

Students from the Hunter High School of Science, located on the Martin Luther King campus, proposed new designs for the space, and a few were selected to present to the School Construction Authority. The design pictured at top was one of the winning proposals. Check out some more of the winning designs below, and a picture of the winners with Gale Brewer. (photos courtesy of Nicholas Kozak)




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  1. Marge Kolb says...

    The correct name of the MLK high school which collaborates with Hunter College is the “Manhattan Hunter Science High School” (not the Hunter Science High School). This differentiates it from Hunter College High School the 140-year-old selective high school on the east side of Manhattan.

  2. Jackers says...

    That kid with the beard looks a little old to be high school.