Citizens Tackle Suspected iPhone Thief on 74th Street

by - March 5, 2010 at 1:42 pm -

Two teenagers swiped an iPhone from a Starbucks customer on 73rd Street and Columbus Avenue Thursday, and bolted out the door, the New York Post reported. But they didn’t get far.

The teens ran about a block before a group of people who had seen the theft caught up with them. One of the Samaritans tackled one of the teens on 74th Street, while another ripped his shoes off, the New York Post reported. The other teen was caught after running into a flower shop. (they were 14 and 15 so they’ll be charged as juveniles)

“It was really a joint effort. The police were great, but really, the average people just stepped up,” Jini Rooney, the iPhone owner, told the Post.

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