Trader Joe’s Expected to Open Late September/Early October

by - March 3, 2010 at 12:47 am -

trader joe
Trader Joe’s has been incredibly hush-hush about its plans to open a new store at 200 West 72nd Street on Broadway. At first, it wouldn’t even confirm that it planned to open a store at all, and since then the company has refused to comment on when it will happen. Meanwhile, however, the company has been blabbing to local politicians.

200 west 72ndAssemblywoman Linda Rosenthal now says she talked to Trader Joe’s corporate folks and found out that the store is slated to open in late September or early October (we heard last month from City Council member Gale Brewer that the renovation on the store was expected to be done by August). The sidewalk shed around the building is expected to come off by the middle of this month, she added.

Trader Joe’s will start posting jobs about a month or two before the store opens, and they can be found at The company will also set up a table this fall in the lobby of 200 West where it will be taking applications for part-time jobs.

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  1. john says...

    No word on when the CB2 is opening?

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