Best Places to Breastfeed in Public on the UWS

by - March 1, 2010 at 2:26 pm -

You’re legally allowed to breastfeed wherever you desire in New York, but some places make it easier than others. The blog Mommy Poppins surveyed mothers about the best places to breastfeed in New York — unsurprisingly many of them were on the Upper West Side (which even has a well-known breastfeding store called the Upper Breast Side). Here are a few of Mommy Poppins’ picks:

Patagonia (Columbus Avenue and 81st Street): Moms can plop down in a  leather chair by a window. And as a bonus, a nearby lego-set let’s older children occupy themselves whiole their younger sibling gets fed.

Urban Outfitters (Broadway and 72nd Street): In the second-floor men’s departrment, there are lots of couches where mothers can take a load off.

Michaels (Columbus Avenue and 97th Street):  The crafts store has a bench in the framing department where moms can sit.

JCC Manhattan (Amsterdam Avenue and 76th Street): The building has a lounge in the lobby where visitors can sit, even if they aren’t members.

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