Sketchy UWS Super Catches Chuck Schumer’s Attention

by - February 22, 2010 at 12:56 am -

schumerU.S. Senator Chuck Schumer came to the Upper West Side on Sunday to talk about a bill he’s introducing that would make building superintendents convicted of sexual offenses disclose their crimes to the building owner and get the owner’s signed consent to have apartment keys, NY1 reported.

Why did Schumer choose the Upper West Side as his backdrop? Because we have a notoriously sketchy super here. William Barnason, the super at 144 West 73rd Street, as well as 140 and 142 75th Street (about 50 apartments), was outed by the New York Post as a sex offender who had been convicted of abusing young girls on Long Island. Residents who spoke to the Post told the newspaper that Barnason had propositioned them for sex in exchange for a break on the rent. After the hubbub, landlord Stanley Katz took the keys away from Barnason and was evaluating whether to keep Barnason on as the super.

Schumer’s bill is similar to a bill introduced at the state level by Assemblyman Micah Kellner. That bill, would ban sex offenders from working as superintendents or building agents at all, according to Kellner’s website.

Some residents who went to the event spoke out against Schumer and Kellner, arguing that the bills would continue to hamper the ability of sexual offenders to reintegrate into society, according to an NBC News video of the event. (photo via Senator Chuck Schumer’s office)

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