Photos from a Quiet, Snowy Day in Central Park

by - February 12, 2010 at 11:44 am -

Upper West Side photographer Jamie Beck, who publishes her work and her thoughts at From Me to You, shared with us some of the pictures she took in Central Park after the blizzard this week. Shot with a vintage Hasselblad camera using film (no pixels!), the images show the park without humans or animals — just a blanket of heavy wet snow and one happy snowman.

Jamie describes her work like this:

“Transplanted from Texas to the Upper West Side I still love to shoot with old film cameras, something about holding an image you created though light and chemistry in your hand is so special. I also have an new ongoing Polaroid Project I started this year. My approach to photography is trying to be timeless and nostalgic. I think when I shoot I’m showing people how I see things in my dreams. As far as work I shoot fashion, tabletops, food, interiors and lifestyle. You can follow my personal projects and see what I’m currently working with on my photography blog, From Me To You.”

Check out some of Jamie’s pictures below, and see more at From Me To You. Also, go to our local artists section for more artwork from Upper West Siders.






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