At Long Last, Upper West Side to Get a New School

by - January 29, 2010 at 2:53 pm -

The Department of Education has finally responded to parents who complained about overcrowding in Upper West Side elementary schools, agreeing to open a new school on the Upper West Side this fall.

class sizeThe new school’s classrooms will be located in the M.S. 44 building on West 77th Street and Columbus Avenue, which also houses the Computer School and the Anderson School. The school will start offering classes this fall, and will grow to 450 students within six years, according to the West Side Spirit.

The city hasn’t yet decided which students will get priority to enroll in the new school. PS 199 and PS 87 will still both continue to offer six kindergarten classes, the West Side Spirit reported. (Photo from Class Size Matters organization.)

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  1. Jennifer Freeman says...

    There are not enough classrooms in District 3 for the number of students. Since the DOE is not proposing to build any new rooms, this is only a temporary solution, in effect crying “uncle” to the parents who have hammered them with actual accurate data. There is still not adequate space in the districts for kindergarteners, and there will not be adequate space for middle schoolers in coming years. Class sizes may rise to 32 in first grade, and cluster rooms are being taken over. Make no mistake–a new building is needed in the Southern end of District 3, and the DOE is not committing to any such thing. Problem not yet solved.

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