CB7 to Vote on Bringing School Bake Sales Back

by - January 4, 2010 at 10:18 pm -

cupcakeIt’s been a long, cold, cupcake-less year, but local officials want that to change. The community board will vote Tuesday night on whether to ask the city to allow bake sales at public schools. The city passed a regulation (number A-812) last year that said that schools could no longer allow baked goods to be sold on their premises during school hours, banning donuts, cupcakes and even zucchini bread. Once a month students are allowed to consume baked goods, but only after lunch — which some La Guardia High School students noted doesn’t really give anyone at their school a chance to hold a bake sale.

The city, as part of its ongoing program to tell New Yorkers exactly how to live their lives, doesn’t think kids should be inhaling quite so much fat and sugar every day — unless that fat and sugar comes from one of the city’s approved vendors. Well, Community Board 7’s Youth Committee decided last month that the city had gone too far and passed a resolution asking the city to rescind it. They noted, in part, that

  • there are food choices available from approved DoE vendors that would not meet most definitions of healthy food (e.g. Doritos).
  • the concern for healthy food does not include ensuring that healthy entrees are available at all lunch periods, with the result that the later lunch periods in many schools offer only stand-bys of pizza, hamburgers and similar fare for those who eat during the later lunch periods, and since classes tend to have the same lunch period every day, the same children are under-served as a matter of routine.

The committee says “Far less draconian options, such as reminders to children and teachers concerning nuts and other potential allergens, could address the most pressing concerns about food safety… Community Board 7/Manhattan calls on the Chancellor and the Panel for Educational Policy to rescind Chancellor’s Regulation A-812 and return to permitting properly supervised bake sales coordinated with other school activities during normal school and afterschool hours.”

We know of at least one local parent who may disagree with the board on this one.

The full board will vote on the issue on Tuesday, at a meeting that starts at 6:30 at Jewish Home and Hospital on 106th Street.

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