Paterson Speaks up for Central Park Carriage Ban

by - December 23, 2009 at 12:35 pm -

patersonGovernor David Paterson came out pretty strong against horse-drawn carriages in Central Park last week, saying that the horses are “abused.” He said the practice should be banned unless owners treat the animals better, which he believes won’t happen.

“If there was a way to guarantee real humane treatment of the horse, that would be one thing, but there isn’t,” Paterson  told the blog Ecorazzi at a reception for the New York League of Humane Voters. “These animals are kept in stables that are too small, often they’re cold, they work long hours and they don’t have time off. That might sound like we’re talking about human beings, but like you and me, animals need time to rest. These horses are abused and really shouldn’t be trotting around in congested areas.”

“There was a horse about three months ago that got his foot caught on a parking meter and had to be destroyed -– it’s awful. You know, it looks nice when you go to the park and see a horse drawn carriage, but unless there is someway to care for these horses properly, and it doesn’t appear that there is, I think we should ban it completely.”

Ire against horse-drawn carriages has grown in recent years following a series of accidents, and a bill was introduced in the City Council to ban them. PETA, not surprisingly, is thrilled for Paterson’s support and is urging New Yorkers to contact their council members to get them to vote for a ban. You know who thinks a ban is a bad idea? Liam Neeson! (photo by Azi Paybarah via flickr)

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  1. Rina Deych, RN says...

    Kudos to Governor Patterson for speaking out against the cruel, abusive carriage horse industry. Horses do not belong in NYC traffic, period.
    … Oh, yes, and their reward for struggling through congested, unyielding traffic for unreasonably long hours in all temperature extremes: “retirement” to the slaughterhouse.
    Shame on us, as a species, that we sit idly by while animals are abused in this fashion.
    This abomination MUST be banned, and the horses sent to sanctuaries, to live out their lives with dignity.
    Kudos to NY Class for offering an environmentally friendly and HUMANE alternative: electric antique cars.

    Rina Deych, RN