Beware: Rabid Raccoons in Central Park

by - December 8, 2009 at 3:19 pm -

raccoonThe New York City Department of Health says two rabid raccoons were discovered in Central Park in the past week, and a total of three in the past few months, raising concerns for pets, humans and other animals. The city is increasing surveillance of animals in the park, and warning people to beware of wild animals and to vaccinate their pets against rabies.

In the past seven years, only five animals with rabies have been found in Manhattan, but four of those animals were found this year. No human has gotten rabies in New York since 1953, according to the city. Photo by simonella_virus via flickr)

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  1. Jennifer Klein says...

    Yes the raccoons have made a home in Central Park. As of date I do not feel a major threat from their existence. Many remedies are available to help our animals thrive in the condition they are born or literally forced into their existence.
    Recently I experienced a huge male raccoon roaming Columbus Avenue, a bit to early, to scrounge for all our restaurants garbage.
    I did worry if he made it back to his family that night, considering all the traffic.
    So what is a New Yorker to do? Nature is expanding into the cities. Accept it. Educate yourself on our city nature and help, be calm and enjoy the beastly, beauty of life.

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