Trader Joe’s Arrival on 72nd in Doubt (updated)

by - September 3, 2009 at 1:33 pm -

trader joeRead the update to this story here.

Specialty food market Trader Joe’s, whose arrival at the still-under-construction 200 West 72nd Street complex was greatly anticipated, isn’t planning to open a store in the building after all — or if they do have plans they’re  being very CIA about them. The company wrote back to me after I asked via email whether a store would open on 72nd. The news will disappoint Trader Joe’s lovers:

“We regret to inform you that at this time we have no confirmed plans for a store location in this area,” customer relations rep Nikki K. wrote. That “no confirmed plans” phrase seems to leave the door open for a possible opening sometime in the future — but not very wide.

“We are always looking for new locations and are open to suggestions and we appreciate the information you have provided,” she went on. Then the email got weird: “It truly shows us what a great fan you are of our stores when you scout locations for us!” (If only I was so prescient! Someone, however, beat me to it. Someone, in fact, at Trader Joe’s, which submitted a proposal to the community board last year to open a store at that location.)

Laura Weiss of Food and Things first wrote about the possibility that the store wouldn’t open, after talking to a manager at the 14th street location who was circumspect about a new store. He told her there was “nothing confirmed” about another location and that rumors the store could take up shop on 100th street were likewise inaccurate. So what, pray tell, will go in that space? (photo by Velo Steve via flickr)

(An earlier version of this article said Trader Joe’s isn’t moving here, period. We now think that was a little strong, given that the company may simply be keeping hush about it)

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