Why Not Have Fireworks Here Every Year?

by - July 5, 2009 at 10:55 pm -


New Yorkers packed Riverside Park and the West Side Drive Saturday night to watch the Macy’s fireworks display. The barges that shoot the fireworks were anchored between 24th and 59th streets, but they were easy to see from farther North.

People gather before the fireworks begin

People gather before the fireworks begin

Eva Kant, a therapist who lives on 75th Street, said she had never before been to see the Macy’s show. She watched with her dog Lilu in Riverside Park just south of the 72nd Street entrance.

The fireworks moved West this year to honor Henry Hudson, who sailed up the river in 1609, leading to the founding of a Dutch colony on Manhattan. The first time Macy’s sponsored a fireworks show in 1958, it was on the Hudson.

On Saturday, thousands started gathering hours before the show began, toting pasta salads and lounge chairs.

The explosions began at about 9:20 and ended around 9:50. But even then, the show wasn’t quite over. At about 12:30 a.m. West Siders were awoken by an amateur fireworks show. Thankfully it lasted about 10 minutes.

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  1. Rebecca says...

    Love the site, but I must disagree that the fireworks should be over the Hudson ever year. When the fireworks are over the East River, three great boroughs get to enjoy them: Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. When they are over the Hudson, only Manhattan and New Jersey (not a great borough!) get a piece of the action.

  2. John Gingrich says...

    While Rebecca has a valid point, I loved the West Side for the simple reason that there’s more room to stand to watch the fireworks. My hope is that Macy’s will, at least, think about the West Side once in awhile.